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Affordable Website Designs by MiniMax
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Great Web Design!

Working with Terry, owner of Affordable Website Designs Inc., was an awesome experience. Not only is Terry fair and reasonable, but this sharp lady really knows her stuff. Anyone can say they "build websites," but it takes someone who understands the human factors behind the technology to design effective websites. Terry understands the intuitive aspects of how people (i.e.,YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS) prefer to navigate websites, and she will design yours accordingly. The result is you get the most bang for your buck, and your business will be presented in such a positive manner that your prospects will likely become paying customers. You could not select a better company to present your business on the internet.

Paul Mila, www.milabooks.com


Terry made the entire website design process enjoyable from beginning to end. It was a pleasure to work with someone who knows the inner workings of the wild wild "web" world. She is not only knowledgeable about website design but is also extremely knowledgeable about the inner workings of the internet. Now 95% of all our business comes from our website. I would be happy to recommend Terry to others looking for affordable web design.

Pat, www.cprtrainingny.com


I needed a website and contacted MiniMax to discuss the fees and process of getting started. We sat down together and designed the basic website I was looking for. As my company grows I find it easy to contact MiniMax for changes and updates to my site. This company offers professional service that is easy to work with and has the experience to design a perfect website for you.

Katarina, www.OnTheGoProcessServing.com


Working with Terry at MiniMax has been a great experience. Everything from beginning the website to the finished product to the continued maintenance has been extremely professional. I am pleased with my website, the creativeness and effectiveness. I highly recommend MiniMax Corp.

Eileen, www.talkinhorsestv.com/


Terry was a pleasure from start to finish. We first hired Terry to work out some of our company's computer issues . This was the start of a very valuable relationship. Terry, not only helped us through these issues but was also very knowledgeable on how we could improve our system and expand on it. Terry's knowledge and experience enabled us to explore the many options we had available to us. Terry also was the motivator for us to take our "run of the mill" website and turn it into a masterpiece. The website, designed completely by Terry is now personalized and truly represents who we are and what we are. In combination with her professional photography skills, she was able to add great on site photos and create an eye catching display. We are very thankful to Terry for her hard work, diligence and amazing skills . Her professionalism has helped our company be a success!" .

Frank, www.ReliableTreeService.com